Charlotte's house
City: Clamburg
Stories: 2
Owner: Charlotte's family
First appearance
Web series:
  "Scissor Fiend"
TV series:
  "A Fiendish Friend"

Charlotte's house is the home of Charlotte and her grandmother Charlene, and the pets Buttons and Buttons 2. Unlike the rest of Clamburg, the area around Charlotte's house is sunny and colorful and often surrounded by a rainbow. The house is gray in the web series, while being bright blue and more detailed in the television series.


Charlotte's house is surrounded by two bent trees and a rainbow. One of the trees has a tire swing attached to it. It is unknown what part of Clamburg Charlotte's house is located, but according to the episode "Tornado", it is located on a green, lush hill to the left of Vendetta's house, which is also on a hill. A number of smaller hills seperate the houses.


The house has a very bright blue color, similar to that of Charlotte's. The roof is in a darker shade and resembles her hair. The house has two stories; the first story includes a kitchen and a living room, and the second story has Charlotte's bedroom. Charlene's bedroom has not been shown.


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