"Chocolate Lake"
Chocolate Lake
Episode: "Valentine's Day"
Sung by: Charlotte

"Chocolate Lake" is a song sung by Charlotte, with spoken lines by Vendetta, in the episode "Valentine's Day".


Charlotte: Imagine lakes of chocolate with fish made out of pie
Oh wouldn't it be wonderful?

Vendetta: No, there would be flies!

Charlotte: Imagine in the chocolate lake a boat with candy sails
A tasty boat of gingerbread!

Vendetta: I'm sure it would get stale.

Charlotte: Oh we could be gingerbread too that would be extra nice
Our eyes would be peppermint!

Vendetta: We would be chewed by mice!

Charlotte: Oh we could have pet lemon drops and live on cakes and jam
Oh wouldn't that be lots of fun?

Vendetta: I'd rather kiss a clam!!

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