"Could I Be a Swiss Banker?"
Episode: "Toupee"
Sung by: Mr. Milk
Toupee fiend
Ms. Minty
Length: 1:27

"Could I Be a Swiss Banker?" is a song sung by Mr. Milk in the episode "Toupee", in which he fantasizes about working at a bank in Switzerland and having a relationship with Ms. Minty.


Mr. Milk: Could I be a Swiss banker?
Might I be a Swiss banker?
Could I be? ...Well, let's see.

I could count Swiss francs while I yodel
Eat fondue with the locals
Work with clients overseas
Keep a safe filled up with cheese!

Climb mountaintops and make accounts
Transfer funds in small amounts
Skip through meadows without care
Toupee fiend: Mrs. Minty would be there!

Mr. Milk and Ms. Minty: We could pick wildflowers in the spring
Listen to the coo-coos sing
Enjoy the pretty Alpine view
Find a chalet built for two!
Toupee fiend: Or three!

Mr. Milk: Yes, I could be a Swiss banker!
Toupee fiend: Then you should be a Swiss banker!
Mr. Milk: Then I would live, wonderfully!

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