"Now you hear me out you green girl if you lay a finger on my family ill make sure you don't have any hands to make any more of your pets"
—Dell's Warning
Dell Bean
Marvins Father Full
Marvin's Father
Nick name(s): Dell
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Species: Human
Hometown: Clamburg
Born: unknown
Voiced by: unknown
Lucy Bean

8 unnamed other kids

Marvins Father is a unseen character of Making fiends he is Marvin's Dad he is also the father of 8 kids. Not much is known about him he possibly died by a mechanical accident his death is supported by when he was not present at the parent meeting in the episode Parents he also was a mechanic for a unknown company of Clamburg. its said that Marvin's Dad had a plan to stop Vendetta but due to the accident he can no longer finish the plan. the accident was possibly related to the plan Even though he is black and white in the picture he is the same color as Marvin Due to the mechanical accident in the afterlife he is not him self his voice is messed up and he always keeps a smile but he still cares for his kids and and his wife.

Trivia Edit

He was supposed to fix the water tower but never got around to it.

He was Clamburg's Best Engineer And Mechanic.

Though He Is black and white in the picture He Is The Same Color as Marvin

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