Nick name(s): Hamster, Giant Hamster, Stupid Hamster
Gender: Male
Species: Hamster / Fiend
Voiced by: Peter Merryman

Personality and Traits Edit

Grudge is Vendetta's giant hamster fiend. He fills the role of Vendetta's sidekick and thug enforcer. Grudge grunts and growls to express himself. In the TV series, it is expanded more on his feelings for Vendetta, showing that he really does care about her and her safety. In web episode 18, Grudge is replaced by Rubella, but is accepted again by Vendetta after helping her get rid of a music bear given from Rubella, but was fired again after hiccuping (he ate a music card given to Vendetta from Charlotte, so when he hiccuped, it played music. That was what made Vendetta replace him in the first place.) but is again accepted by Vendetta fend off her own wild fiends in web episode 20. Vendetta always refers to him as "Hamster", whereas Charlotte is the only person who refers to him as "Grudge". He is voiced by Peter Merryman.

Fiendish TriviaEdit

In the episode, Parentnapped! He was seen driving a car and later working on it after it had a crash.

Physical AppearanceEdit