Charlotte dressed as Vendetta (left).
Episode number: Web season 1
Episode 5
Air date: October 25, 2003
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Amy Winfrey

The fifth episode of the Making Fiends web series originally aired on October 25, 2003 at the Making Fiends website. In the episode, Charlotte dresses like Vendetta for Halloween.


Charlotte is dressed as Vendetta for Halloween. Charlotte gives out candy to all the students. Later in class, Charlotte says that she wants to do everything Vendetta does and Vendetta says that she will destroy Charlotte today. They go to Vendetta's house to make "something nice" for Charlotte. Vendetta makes a fiend that Charlotte gives a sugar cookie to. The fiend eats the cookie and becomes addicted to sugar cookies. The fiend eats all sugar cookies and runs away to get more.



Memorable quotesEdit

Charlotte: So what are you going to do today?
Vendetta: What?
Charlotte: I want to do everything just like you.
Vendetta: Hm... In that case, I was going to play in traffic and drink bleach!

Fiend: Sugar... cookies.
Vendetta: No! You want blood!
Fiend: Sugar cookies!
Vendetta: Blood!

Fiendish TriviaEdit

  • The hidden message in this episode is: The FIFTH episode of Making Fiends. Suuugar Cookieess!!! Hooray for Halloween! Making Fiends is a cartoon series by Amy Winfrey, the creator of and Big Bunny. This is a web toon about two little girls: Charlotte and Vendetta.


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