Marvin in the TV series
Gender: Male
Hometown: Clamburg
Voiced by: Peter Merryman
Marvin's Mom

Unnamed Father

8 unnamed younger siblings
First appearance
Web series:
  "New Student"
TV series:
  "Charlotte's First Day"

Marvin (Peter Merryman) is a green teal schoolboy who frequently has his property or person vandalized by Vendetta's fiends. It is a running gag for Marvin to declare his loss or damage as a simple possessive exclamation, such as "My banana!", "My clams!" or "My hair!"


Marvin is always having his possessions forcibly taken from him, either by Vendetta, her fiends, or Charlotte.He can easily let power get to his head, as seen in the episode Marvin the Middle Manager. Marvin does not pay much attention in school and spends a great deal of time drawing fanciful pictures. Someday he wants to own his own skyscraper.

Fiendish TriviaEdit

  • According to him, a banana once saved his life.
  • He says My! in episodes as a running gag.
  • Cautious but willing to kill another student.
  • He is the tallest human student in classroom 4.
  • When Vendetta chooses someone to use other than Charlotte she will most likely pick him.