This article is about the song. You may be looking for the promo clip.
"No. 2 Pencil"
No. 2 pencil
Charlotte singing the song in the web series.
Episode: "Mrs. Minty"
Sung by: Charlotte

"No. 2 Pencil" is a song performed by Charlotte in the web episode "Mrs. Minty". The song was also sung by Charlotte in a promo clip for the television series.


No. 2 pencil, you're my pointy friend
No. 2 pencil, I love you till the end

You fill in bubbles nice and dark
You are made of wood without the bark
You never yell or give me fleas
You never try to break my knees

No. 2 pencil, you're my friend, you see
'Cause No. 2 pencil, you're number one to me

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