This article is about the promo clip. You may be looking for the song.
"No. 2 Pencil"
No 2 pencil promo
Charlotte sings a song about her no. 2 pencil
Air date: 2007 (TurboNick)

2008 (Nicktoons Network)

"No. 2 Pencil" is one of six promotional clips released to Nickelodeon's platform TurboNick, before the television series' premiere. This clip also aired in 2008 on Nicktoons Network.


It begins with Charlotte drawing a picture of a pencil and stating "Pencils are the best!" Charlotte starts sings the song "No. 2 Pencil", previously heard in the web episode "Mrs. Minty". After Charlotte finishes the song, Marvin states that it's his pencil, and Charlotte teehees.

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