The Statue of Vendetta in Clamburg.

The Statue of Vendetta is located nearby the docks in Clamburg.


Vendetta erected the statue to remind everyone how powerful she is, and that she is to be "feared and respected". At the day of its opening, Charlotte swung from the statue's elbow and gave it a big hat, a purse and painted it pink. To keep Charlotte away from it, Vendetta made a couple of exploding pigeon fiends. However, the fiends believed that Vendetta was their mother. When the pigeons learned how to fly, they all chased Vendetta. She ran to the statue and they flew into her and the statue exploded. However, Vendetta re-built the statue as it is seen again in later episodes.

Web seriesEdit


The statue of Vendetta that Charlotte made in "The End of All Things".

In the web series, the statue did not exist. However, in the episode "The End of All Things", Charlotte and Janet made a state of Vendetta on the schoolyard. They painted it with a potion that turns anything into a fiend. The statue, the paintbrush that painted it, and the bucket with the potion, turned into fiends. The paintbrush and the bucket then painted every house and building in Clamburg, making it an unsafe place to live for everyone. At the end, everyone left the town in a boat.

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