Making wiki articles, making wiki articles, Sansae's always making wiki articles, making wiki articles, while Concernedalien11780 makes friends! I have been a fan of Making Fiends and all things made by Amy Winfrey ever since I was twelve. I found Muffinfilms, Big Bunny, and Making Fiends to be beginner's black comedy and an appropriate balance of light and dark comedy for someone of my age and mentality before moving on to more genuinely perverse animation like what's on Adult Swim, and Squid and Frog was a cute throwback to simpler humor. I was shocked to find out that Amy Winfrey directed multiple episodes of BoJack Horseman on Netflix, and the episodes that were arguably the most dramatic and weighty of them all, no less, proving that she can make just as good of drama as she can comedy. I wish the TV version of Making Fiends could've lasted at least a little longer because its darker nature than most other Nicktoons could've invited an Invader Zim revival to the channel and allowed people to take the Nickelodeon brand more seriously. Either way, Making Fiends was a creative use of Flash animation and a great salute to schadenfraude (is that how it's spelled?) in the form of everything that Charlotte does to Vendetta. Thank you for letting me into this community, and remeber to eat vegetables with every meal... or they might eat you.

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